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Immortals2: Rise of the Legend-Terms & Conditions

T&C for Players In-Game

Warning: This game may be compulsive and cause addiction

  1. False reporting a player or a staff and without having any kind of proof is not allowed in any way so please read the rules first and report second for false reporting is punishable.
  2. You must provide proof such as a video or a screenshot that fits the following standards:
  3. The screen must be clear and you are not allowed to modify it in any way under any circumstances such as underlining or cropping or trying to hide any part of it or it will not be accepted as proof.
  4. The name of the player you are trying to report must be visible in the screen shot.
  5. You must provide most or all of the conversation that led you to believe he is breaking the rules.
  6. The time and date of the screen must be mentioned in the report.
  7. You must explain in detail what it is you think the player has done in your report and have the screen to back up your claim.
  8. If you cannot provide all of the above then the screen can be rejected and no action will be taken, so please remember to get all the evidence you can in order to be fair for all parties involved.
  9. All punishments are mentioned at the end of the rules but they can be changed by the staff members depending on the situation and are always accompanied with proof of the illegal actions of the players involved that led to the punishment, so if you have any objections regarding this subject, please take it up with [SA] Hawk and [SA] Zeus and remember to provide evidence of your innocence before you decide to complain in order to be heard and get the justice you deserve.


T&C for Forum


  1. Spamming on forum by reposting the same thread or comment is not allowed. One post is enough on the same exact subject and there is no need to repeat it in order to get it noticed.
  2. Using any language other than English is not allowed on forum, although we are a multi lingual server; the common language is still English and the majority of players do speak it. Using other languages is punishable.
  3. Posting any kind of advertising is not allowed on forum and it is punishable.
  4. Posting any kind of pornographic content on forum is not allowed and is punishable
  5. Using foul language and insults in any way, Harassing or using racial slurs directed at players or staff is not allowed and is punishable.
  6. Not complying by the rules of ongoing forum events is punishable depending on the event.


T&C for Staff


  1. Server, Database and access to website and forum will not be given to any staff member.
  2. Any bugs found ingame or on the website or forum must be reported to a higher authority such as [CoMa] or [SA].
  3. Staff members are not allowed to mute, ban or punish any player without actual evidence in the form of a clear screens or a video showing the exact thing that the player did wrong.
  4. Staff members are not allowed to give any items or coins to players for free for any reason.
  5. Staff members are not allowed to give away rare or quest items to players as a reward at events unless it is predetermined by higher authority such as [SA] or [CoMa] or it is mentioned on forum to be the reward for the that particular event.
  6. Staff members are not allowed to spawn any kind of mobs or bosses or metins for the players even just for fun.
  7. Staff members are not allowed to power their or any player’s character in any way, ever. That includes leveling characters.
  8. Staff members are not allowed to accept any items no matter how small from player.
  9. Staff members are not allowed to accept any kind of payment in real money from any player for any reason.
  10. All staff is expected to be nice and polite to players at all times no matter the situation. Insulting a player for any reason at any time is forbidden.
  11. Staff members are expected to be online for at least hours a day to help players and guide them.
  12. Misuse of powers will lead to kicking the staff out of the team or to a demotion depending on the situation.
  13. If PMed, the staff is obligated to answer the player and not go AFK in game for more than minutes at a time.
  14. All players have the right to report and complain about any staff member they find to be lacking the necessary skills to be in the team, they can do so by contacting [SA] Hawk or [SA] Zeus or by using our support ticket system Here.
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