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Immortals2: Rise of the Legend-Terms & Conditions

T&C for Players In-Game

Warning: This game may be compulsive and cause addiction

  1. Never break the guidelines and terms of conditions, be sure to comply with all applicable laws and regulations at all times. If you witness anybody else breaking any rules, report it immediately and provide proof. Breaking any rule is punishable.
  2. Always respect one another and be polite, treat others like you’d want to be treated. Do not take your frustration out on players or staff. Being rude in any way is forbidden and punishable.
  3. The official language of this community is English. But even though you are allowed to speak other languages and we have a language support team; it is mandatory to use English while posting using the shout ingame. Any other places in game feel free to use any language you wish. Using other languages in shout is punishable.
  4. Do not use your creativity to say things you should not be saying. There are chat filters for a reason and if you have to take the time to try and avoid them, then perhaps it is best if you don&#;t share your thoughts at all. Weaseling your way around chat filters is punishable.
  5. There will be no tolerance what so ever when it comes to insults, aggressive defamatory comments, threats, harassments of any kind, illegal activities, invading privacy, hatred, racial or cultural comments, offensive and vulgar or obscene contents or any other inappropriate behavior whether it is on shout, normal chat or personal messages directed at players or staff members. All the above is extremely punishable.
  6. All character names must be legal. You are not allowed to use any name close to a team members name, any name that starts with SA, GA, GM, MOD, etc… you are not allowed to use insults or foul language as a name for any character. This is punishable.
  7. When opening a shop please refrain from using foul language in the shop’s name for it is punishable.
  8. Do not post messages with any kind of advertisement. You are not allowed to promote activities which aim to advertise anything in any way whether on shout, normal chat or personal messages no matter the nature of it. Advertising is extremely forbidden and greatly punishable.
  9. Do not post any type of pornographic or sexual materials anywhere. Immortals community is not the place for such contents and you will be punished for it.
  10. Abusing any bugs ingame is punishable. If you happen to find a bug then please report it to a staff member immediately to help make our server even better, getting caught abusing any kind of bug will end in punishment.
  11. Camping other players is not nice, however it is a part of metin competition life, camping is only forbidden if it takes place in a map with no safe zone, during an event and it must happen on purpose and repeatedly, being killed while a fight between players is taking place on top of you does not count as camping, being killed twice by the same person in a row does not count as camping and being camped on a map with a safe zone is not camping cause it means that you are willing to die when you refuse to just walk into the safe zone or even revive in town. Only if the camping is legit and abides by the camping rules and once proven then it will be punishable.
  12. Using PVP during events which do not involve PVP is not allowed, killing players while they are trying to participate in an event is punishable.
  13. Killing low level characters is one of the rudest and noobiest things any player can do which is why it is not allowed to kill any character lower than lvl if the killer is higher than lvl .
  14. Kill stealing is not nice, however it is a part of the metin competition life and it is very hard to pull off considering all drops have ID tags on them, meaning they drop in the player’s name. It is however not allowed to kill a player and camp them in order to stop them from picking up their own drops so you can steal it,it is also not allowed for a player to steal a metin from somebody lvls lower than them, or go on free on your own nation in order to kill them and steal their drops. Only in these cases and only if proven properly then kill stealing becomes punishable.
  15. Spamming ingame by shouting the same sentence nonstop- this does not include shouting to sell buy or trade items- or using way too many symbols or typing gibberish or using full caps more than once is not allowed and can be punishable if done more than five times in a row.
  16. Submitting information that you know or believe to be false or trying to mislead the team or the players in any way including spreading lies, rumors or accusations about players or staff of things you have no proof ofis not allowed and ishighly punishable.
  17. Opening over boxes or Cor Draconis in map or during events of any kind which results in having a lot of drops on the floor causing players to lag and disconnect is not allowed and is punishable. You can open these on any other map with fewer players on.
  18. Assuming a false identity or impersonating any team members or players is not allowed. This includes acting like staff when you are not and acting like another player for any reason. This is highly punishable and will not be tolerated.
  19. Do not give out your information to anybody that includes other players, friends, the staff or even family members. We are not responsible for any losses you may suffer if that turns out to be the reason behind it.
  20. Patching the game at least once a week will help you improve your gameplay and download all the new updates, so please try to patch as much as you can.
  21. Trying to hack other players or scamming them in any way is punishable.
  22. Trying to modify the game files in any way or bypassing the patcher or using any kind of bots is illegal and is punishable.
  23. Buying or selling accounts and items for real money is not allowed and neither is trading any items or coins on our server to another game server. This is highly punishable.
  24. If ever contacted by a team member whether on forum or ingame, you are obligated to answer or there could be consequences depending on the situation.
  25. The staff is there to help you with anything you need at all times, so do not hesitate to ask for help ingame, on our Forum, in the Skype group chat or our Facebook page. But keep in mind that the staff members are human beings such as you and not robots so please act accordingly.
  26. If you ever needed to report somebody for breaking any of the rules mentioned, then please do so by contacting the staff on the support page Here or on the forum Here. Any other place is not acceptable.
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