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Referral System

Dear Immortals,

We have made a great project now which is the best and never seen in any private servers as long as I know.
The Referral system

What is Referral system ?
If a player who refer some other person to play the game he get some credits that is referral system

How does it works in Immortals2 ?
An Immortals2 player XXX if he want to invite a new person YYY to play and that new person creates account and play with a character for every level YYY attained the XXX player gets specific coins in his account..

What must I do if I want to be a Referrer ?
Just login our website Check User Panel in that Invite friends link click it and Type the email of new person you wish to invite to play Immortals2 Click Sent Mail
The reference link will be sent to the specified email and if the new person who click that link and register his account he will be his child..
Here XXX is referrer means if he sends invitation to a person YYY he click that link and register the game YYY will be child of Parent XXX.

What I get for being Referrer ?
If YYY is a Child of XXX who is a Referrer for each character level of YYY say if YYY's anyone char gets 50 level XXX account will be credited with 500 coins.
Coins will be increased like 50-250 coins , 100 -500 coins ,150 level 1000 coins , 200 - 2500 coins etc...
XXX will be receiving these coins for each level category YYY's Character attained.

Can I have more than one Child?
Yes.Ofcourse a parent can have so much children you want. Its natureinnocent

Im a Child of some parent can I be a referrer too ?
Yes. If you invite some other new player then you are parent of him and if his character reaches the level category then you get coins.

Can I get coins if Im a Child ?
No. You wont unless you refer someone else and he leveled his character.

Why this referral system ?
To make players understand that Immortals2 is not Pay to win.
We are giving you coins in different ways so there is balance in game play and everyone have right to play.

Good Luck


Immortals2 Team

Announced on 09.06.2017 at 23:32 Hours

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